It's rather small because I only have 13 petz but I hope you enjoy looking around!


The very first pet I adopted from someone else. I got Belle from Pollution at the RKC by filling out an application. I love black cats and I've always wanted one in petz. It's because of Belle that I really like calicos. I love her personality and the fact that she was the first pet I adopted from someone else makes her extra special.

SGCh Pollution's tu te reconnaÓtras
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Seriously look how cute she is! <3 In the Whiskerwick Fall Fair event I found myself with enough credits to get a hexie from the prizebox and I chose this lovely girl hexed by Kristina!:D I adore calico cats in real life and I really love this hex. The markings are awesome (especially with the texture), the base is so adorable and I just had to adopt her.

Norway & Iceland

My friend Alena was so kind to hex me the cat versions of my favourite Hetalia characters. <3 Norway and Iceland. Itís so amazing to have characters actually 'aliveí in your computer screen! The bows are separate clothing items hexed by Star. I would love these babies even if they weren't Hetalia characters though. How could I not? Nor is a gorgeous white Norwegian Forest Cat and Ice is just the cutest little no-grow kitty with an adorable little eye-patch.


I posted in Croag's hexing service with the request "a petzy winter calico" and I was amazed with the results. She is so beautiful! I really like the little bits of colour in her fur. They make me think of the Northern Lights. The use of textures combined with the paintballs makes her look really special. Her name is Icelandic for winter which really suits her. It is pronounced 'Vee ay tour'


This beautiful Dane was a Christmas gift from Alena. I was so amazed when I saw him! I love all the details and little spots, and those snowflakes probably took hours to get right! :O He reminds me of a time when I was little girl and went skating on natural ice, there was snow everywhere and it was so beautiful... I named him after Dima Bilan because his song 'Believe' means a lot to me and he performed it live dressed in all white and standing barefooted on a mini iceskating rink. :D


What an auction! Seriously, that was exiting! I was so lucky to win this gorgeous hexie from Alena for 7000 bones and I absolutely adore her. I named her after …ponine Thťnardier, one of my favourite characters from Les Misťrables. She reminds me of …ponine because of the textures and paintballs, the way they contrast the black shows she hasn't had it easy, and yet, she is beautiful. :) I think Alena hexed a cat version of …ponine without realizing it!


Robin was hexed by Star. Isnít he amazing looking? I canít believe the details on this guy. I have no clue how people manage to hex things such as this! :O I was incredibly lucky to win him during the Christmas event of Petz Universal Game Site.


A surprise Christmas gift from Skissors! Named after a Les Mis character because Skissors knows how much I like Les Mis. :) Anyway, she is the daughter of skissors's favourite cat, Jack! I thought it was such a nice gesture to give me such a special pet as this. Jack is one of my favourite petz in the PC! She is very pretty with that texture. I can tell she is Jack's daughter and I also understand why Jack is Skissors's favourite pet, this cat has got personality! :D I can't stop taking pictures of her.

OstehÝvel & Ida

Alena surprised me on my birthday with this gorgeous hexie! He is my first dog hexie and also my first brexie. I love his personality and how much he looks like a little wolf. A little chocolate chip cookie wolf. :) The colours and textures are so nice too. The name OstehÝvel means cheese slicer and it's a joke between me and Alena which makes me smile every time I see his name. I am so happy and really grateful for him.

Ida is a cat I bred myself. I was planning to put her up for adoption with her littermates but I couldn't. She's just so amazing with that simple white coat with those pink eyes! And those naturally selfie eyelids! No way, she's mine. Haha. Or as Alena said: "Ida turned out so pretty, she reminds me of the first hint of spring, when it breaks through the cold winter <3"


I was very lucky to be online at the time Alena put these dragonfly kittens up, just look at him. <3 I love the colour scheme so much and those wings are amazing. And aaah those little antennae and the little stumpy tail, he's absolutely gorgeous! I named him Pasha after a favourite Star Trek character of mine, Pavel Chekov.


Last but not least, my gorgeous Dane hexie Julian! He was hexed by Kitsune and I won him in an auction at Whiskerwick. I named him after my favourite Star Trek DS9 character, Julian Bashir. I absolutely adore his colours and textures, the orange with the black is stunning. There is so much detail to him if you look closely, I just love watching him in game because when he moves I see some new markings I hadn't noticed before. His lovely pastel eye colours match his pawpads and to top it all off he is a trotter!

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