At Hemlighet, once petz earn their legend title at 500 points they are retired and available for breeding, so all litters are strictly Legend x Legend litters. Because of this, these adoptions are not neccessarily first come first serve and if multiple people apply for the same pet an application can increase your chances. But don't worry, I know people are busy and site adoptions don't go particularly fast these days, so you're free to fill out a form without an application instead.


Currently none available


- No claiming you bred them, putting them up for download, etc.
- Feel free to rename, hex eyelids or other minor edits
- Playdates are perfectly fine
- Please keep Hemlighet or Hemlighet's in the showname
- Please return or MPA if no longer wanted
- Showing is not required but encouraged


- Name:
- Email:
- Petz you want:
- Application (optional):

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