The About Page

about me

In the Petz community I'm known as Sasha. I'm a European and proud of it! In my free time I really love to create original characters and to write stories about them, I love reading all sorts of books and I play the harp. I also do both speed skating and inline skating, and of course I absolutely love to play petz! My interests include the Eurovision Song Contest, Star Trek and Les Misérables. I'm vegan and I absolutely love to travel. I particularly love the sea and traveling by ship, and I enjoy taking little ferry trips wherever I go! When I can't be on the sea myself I love to learn about old ocean liners and even see if I can spot a few in local harbours to photograph! I also have two beautiful cats.

about hemlighet

Hemlighet is named after one of my absolute favourite books, Lydias hemlighet by Finn Zetterholm. It originally opened in 2015 as a small crew site. It offered a handful of downloads and occassional adoptions but it was still mainly just my little corner of the petz internet! It was well known for it's lovely incredibly pink layout designed by my friend Alena. After a small hiatus in 2020 I decided to go for a bit of a different theme and focus more on show petz. It seemed incredibly fun to me to showcase my petz in pose alongside their achievements, so the idea of a showroom site was born! This lovely new nautical layout was designed by mouse and it reflects my love of ships and the ocean.