The Showroom

Here in the show room, you can view the show careers and titles of all current and retired show petz at Hemlighet. The aim is to show each pet to legend status (500 points) before retiring. Under each pet's picture their BIS ribbons are displayed (Thank you to Andi @ Cirrutopia for the graphic) as well as their point total. Enjoy looking around!

Site Mascots


WCh Pollution's Tu Te Reconnaîtras

113 points

Belle was the first pet I ever adopted from someone else in the PC! Bred by Pollution in 2014, she's been a favourite in my crew since the very beginning. She's the one who made me fall in love with the calico breed. I adore her look with her gorgeous fuzzy black coat accentuated by the cutest little white face streak. Her adorable fuzzy tail completes her dainty and elegant look, all topped off with beautiful blue eyes! Her show name comes from one of my favourite Eurovision winners. I feel like the French language really suits her name and elegant look.

LCh TCX Mona/Hemlighet's Beyond the Sea

348 points

Marina is a hexie who is very special to me. I absolutely adore the ocean and nautical aesthetic my absolute favourite look. I love ships and spotting them and learning about old ocean liners is a hobby of mine. I have always wanted to have this love represented in petz. Suddenly I got the idea of 'wizard texture but nautical' and Marina was born! I made the pixel art myself, drawing silhouettes of a sailing ship, an anchor and a helm. Then I got stuck on the actual hexing part. Mona was so so kind as to hex this gorgeous baby for me! She was hexed on Pinto's lovely calico base and features Mona's absolutely stunning hex painting and texture work. I absolutely adore her! Her show name features a song that's very special to me personally. She has also won her trick cat of excellence title!

RLCh Alena's We Didn't Start the Cheese Fire

240 points

Ostehøvel is a very special gift. Hexed by Alena as a surprise birthday present in 2015, he's always meant a lot to me. He's a beautiful high generation brexie of a scottie eared dane. I absolutely adore the colours and textures on him. He's got a gorgeous fluffy tail and amazing body mods. With his spots and colours I always think of him as my little chocolate chip cookie wolf! His name is Norwegian for cheese slicer which is an inside joke between me and Alena. As for his show name, well, this is all you need to know xD.

Mini Oshies


UGCh Zan's Turn Time into Smoke

72 points

Oh my word, what's not to love about little Princess? She's got the most striking colour combination with her pink eyes, tan coat, cream spots and black meezer points? And just look at this little poofy tail! I absolutely adore this little darling bred by Zan. I just can't look at her for a second without aww-ing over her being so tiny and timid, you just want to cuddle her. What's not to love about a mini oshie? I also absolutely adore her personality, she's such a character! She's got a combination of a timid oshie personality and a snooty Siamese. xD She'll sniff and turn her nose up at petz she likes and run with her head held high but she'll also tremble when walking and sadly sulk when trying on clothes. Her name actually came from my initial reaction to her the first time I brought her out of the carrying case. The moment I saw her I immediately started calling her little words of affection, one of which was Princess. Her show name is actually unrelated to this as I remembered that one of my favourite Dmitri Koldun songs is also called Princess, so I chose my favourite lyric from that song.