Here you can meet the Norwegian Forest Cats of Hemlighet cattery at the PKC!

Hemlighet's In Love With a Fairytale

Named after the protagonist of my story, Daria is a beautiful white Norwegian Forest Cat with blue eyes and ear tufts. Her showname is from Alexander Rybak's 'Fairytale' which was based on the fact that the character is Norwegian, likes Eurovision and was in fact 'in love with a fairytale'. Not a person, like in the song, but an ideal that could not be realized.

Hemlighet's Designation Seven of Nine

Annika was hexed by Mazz as a part of a hexie trade. She's a gorgeous torbie and white with lovely green eyes. :) I named her Annika after the character Seven of Nine from the series Star Trek: Voyager, her show name is a reference to this as well. She's fearless, her favorite toy is the spray bottle xD I am not kidding, she bounces happily if you bring it out and enjoys batting it around and balancing on it. Resistance is futile.

Hemlighet's Heavy Clouds No Rain

Erik was hexed for me as a kind favor by Cel. He has an extremely pretty black and white pattern, I really love the textures on this guy and how the reddish brown eyes contrast with his fur. He is also named after a character from my story. A young, eager Swedish boy who has a real interest in Russian history and culture. This is the reason why I have given him a show name which is a lyric from a Russian song. True to character he has become Daria's best friend. :)